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The new Blue Home kitchen tap from GROHE offers filtered, chilled, sparkling and semi-sparkling water from the convenience of your own kitchen. Whatever your idea of perfect water refreshment – filtered, chilled, sparkling or all three – GROHE Blue Home brings it to you straight from the tap. Imagine the refreshing sensation of chilled water – cool and thirst-quenching. Ready and waiting for you at the touch of a button – at exactly the right temperature. The GROHE Blue Home water system makes this a reality in your own home, transforming ordinary tap water and filtering it, leaving a taste as fresh and pure as nature intended.

GROHE water

Enjoy the energising taste of GROHE’s filtered water in an instant, whilst saving space and reducing waste by removing the need for costly bottled water. As well as it’s pure taste, the GROHE Blue Home offers a smart alternative which cuts the waste involved in processing bottled water and reduces CO2 emissions by an impressive 83%, according to a study by the University of Goettingen. GROHE Blue Home also just needs the 1 litre you drink instead of 7 litres for bottled water, reducing waste by 85%. This makes the GROHE Blue Home water system a sustainable alternative to bottled water.

GROHE kitchen tap

A perfect innovation for the forward thinking kitchen; the GROHE Blue Home is a beautiful and intelligent system that transforms simple water into pure thirst-quenching pleasure. Easy to install and appealing to the eye, with a sleek, modern design, the Blue Home will transform your kitchen into a meeting place for thirsty friends.

girl drinking water

Have the privilage of health-giving, untainted water flowing directly from your own kitchen tap- life-affirming, thirst-quenching, and absolutely pure.