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Dress your table for afternoon tea with easy seasonal makes and decorative projects

 easy spring updates


For each you will need:

  • Two 12.5x10cm background fabric
  • Two 12.5x10cm lining fabric

  • Fabric scraps for the appliqué design
  • Small embroidery hoop
  • Thread Ribbon
 egg cosy

Draw a dome shape template on a piece of card, measuring H12.5xW10cm. Use this to cut out four pieces from both fabrics. Using your scraps, cut out shapes for the appliqué design on the front – try a heart, chick or Easter egg.

Secure one dome-shape piece of background fabric to a small embroidery hoop. Next, using a sewing machine on a freehand setting, outline the appliqué patterns on it. Write a saying or a guest’s name using the same

Once finished, cut off thread ends and press the fabric with an iron. Fold a 5cm piece of ribbon in half to form a loop and place the second piece of background fabric on top, with the loop facing down and ribbon ends overlapping the edge. Pin into position. Place the lining on top, with right sides facing, and sew along the bottom edge. Repeat with the other two pieces. Open out and press the seams open. Place linings and background pieces together, 4again with the right sides facing.

Sew all around the edges, leaving an opening in the lining fabric long enough to turn the fabric through. Turn the cosy right-sides-out and sew along the opening in the lining to close. Tuck the lining into the outer cosy and cover a chocolate egg at each place setting.


You will need:

  • Small glass votice
  • A4 thick white card
  • Craft wire
  • Red wooden beads
  • Acrylic paint

Measure the circumference of your glass votive and add on 2cm. Take an A4 piece of thick white card and cut the longest edge to this calculation.

Rule 2cm from the longest edge with a pencil. Draw grass strands and flowers with leaves up from this line to create a flat wild meadow scene. Bend small pieces of craft wire in half and attach to the centre of some flowers as stamen.

Paint the grass, stems and leaves with green acrylic, then fill in the flowers and wire centres in shades of pink and yellow. Allow to dry fully.

Glue on red wooden beads (£7.50 per bag, Hobbycraft). Once affixed, cut out the design carefully. Bend forward the flowers and leaves for a 3D effect. Wrap around the votive and stick the edges together with tape.

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