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Living rooms

Our fantastic decorating schemes will help you make the most of your living room.

Spring Botanicals

spring-botanicals Inject warmth and character into your home for the...More Info >

Blue Velvet

create-an-oasis Create an oasis of calm with a palette of...More Info >

Classically Elegant Festive Scheme

classically-elegant-festive-scheme Team neutral tones with fresh foliage and metallic touchesMore Info >

Natural Beauty

natural-beauty Unwind with an understated palette More Info >

Global Fusion

global-fusion Be inspired by far-flung destinationsMore Info >

Coastal Dreams

coastal-dreams An inviting scheme of sunny yellows and aquamarinesMore Info >

Shades of Denim

shades-of-denim Add the colour of relaxed denim to your living...More Info >

Spring room updates

spring-room-updates Add vibrant touches with citrus huesMore Info >

Living room storage solutions

living-room-storage-solutions Clear away clutter from your living roomMore Info >

Lemon yellow

lemon-yellow Use this fresh tone to create a bright new...More Info >

Colour clash graphic prints

colour-clash-graphic-prints Create cheerful summer schemes with these bright colours. More Info >

Pretty modern

pretty-modern Classic, industrial pieces in blush and charcoal shades.More Info >

Fresh spring graphics

fresh-spring-graphics Add vibrant spring hues to your decorating scheme.More Info >

Bold and colourful

bold-living-room Create a bold scheme with strong colours and pattern.More Info >

Cosy country

cosy-country-living-room Combine patterned fabrics, rustic accessories and bold colours. More Info >

Patterned and soft

patterned-living-room Statement wallpaper, patterned soft furnishings and simple furniture. More Info >

Bright summer

bright-summer-living-room Get inspired by these colours to brighten your room.More Info >

Botanical space

botanical-living-room Use distinctive wallpaper, simple furnishings and beautiful greenery. More Info >

Sophisticated shimmer

sophisticated-shimmer-living-room Use silvery shades and gorgeous fabrics for elegance. More Info >

Industrial and rustic

industrial-living-room Go industrial with distressed metal and rustic wood finishes.More Info >


painterly-style-living-room Team deep blue, hot pink and painterly accessories. More Info >

Yellow and grey

yellow-and-grey-eclectic-living-room Try using vintage patterns along with eclectic objects. More Info >

Tangerine and pink

tangerine-and-pink-patterned-living-room This striking room scheme is packed with patterns. More Info >

Vintage elegant Christmas

vintage-elegance-christmas-living-room Make Christmas glamorous with a timelessly chic scheme. More Info >

Eastern-style Christmas

eastern-style-christmas-living-room Get inspired with our Eastern style decorating scheme.More Info >

Autumnal elegance

autumnal-living-room This decorating scheme is packed full of autumnal touches.More Info >

Elegant and sophisticated

elegant-living-room Subtle patterns and calming colours are often key. More Info >

Beautiful boho decorating

beautiful-boho-decorating Mix pattern, colour and texture for this homespun look.More Info >

Vintage and floral

vintage-floral-living-room This look works in bedrooms, hallways or living rooms.More Info >

Summer blooms

summer-blooms-living-room Embrace these bold florals and bright seasonal colours. More Info >

Made to order

made-to-order Take a look at these gorgeous designs.More Info >

Cosy and neutral

cosy-neutral-living-room Try greys and simple neutrals with green and orange.More Info >

Classic and french

classic-french-living-room Add touches of Parisian flair to your living space.More Info >

Graphic designs

graphic-design-living-room Black and white schemes with splashes of yellow. More Info >

Strawberries and green

strawberries-and-green-living-room This summer scheme uses cherry red, green and white.More Info >


eastern-inspired-living-room Fresh shades of green combined with naturals and white.More Info >

Modern heritage prints

modern-heritage-print-living-room Try archive prints, fresh twist and contemporary texture. More Info >

Fresh citrus

fresh-citrus-living-room Teamed citrus shades with cool contemporary furniture.More Info >

Jewel and exotic

jewel-living-room Team rich velvet sofas and exotic colours. More Info >

Paris couture

paris-couture-living-room A sophisticated French feel with this tailored scheme.More Info >


floral-inspired-living-room A contemporary fresh apple green and clean white. More Info >

Modern crafts

modern-crafts-living-room This pared-down colour scheme creates a serene feel.More Info >

Global fusion

global-fusion-living-room Take inspiration from this fusion of pattern and colour.More Info >

Brilliant brights

brilliant-brights-living-room Strong colours are popular this season. More Info >

Revival style

revival-style-living-room Try our fresh take on Mid-Century Modern design. More Info >

Bright and beautiful

bright-and-beautiful-living-room Embrace this dazzling orange scheme. More Info >

Graphic and patterns

graphic-living-room Give contemporary spaces a twist with vibrant pink. More Info >

Tailored brights

tailored-brights-living-room For smart schemes, combine colour with classic styling. More Info >

Mediterranean mood

mediterranean-mood-living-room Cobalt blue palettes, apple green and chalky white. More Info >

Vibrant space

vibrant-living-room Bring fresh vibrant colours from your garden inside. More Info >

Modern and vintage

modern-vintage-living-room Give traditional favourites a modern twist with vibrant colours.More Info >

Fine vintage

fine-vintage-living-room Try this vintage-style scheme in purple and grey.More Info >

Refined retro

refined-retro-living-room Fifties-inspired furniture with strong patterns and colour schemes. More Info >

Cosy living

cosy-living-room Use woolen knits with tartan prints.More Info >

Fuchsia and gold

fuchsia-and-gold-festive-living-room Try a bright winter festive scheme. More Info >